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Working to improve education & maternity care in The Gambia

The Morgan Clark Foundation was set up in 2009 and we continue to support the wonderful families of Jarjari Village ever since. We have raised enough money to build a school for the children, plus fund efforts to provide safer maternity care for the mothers and babies of the village and surrounding areas. Read more about the work we have done.

Our goals over the next 5 years are to bring stability to the village with consistent funding to provide sustainable education and maternity care, creating hope for future generations. 

We have also built holiday accommodation for travelers and bird watchers. Morgan Kunda Lodges is non profit and all funds go towards the village. Visit for more information. 

Thank you for your support, from all at Morgan Clark Foundation.

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Morgan Clark Foundation is fundraising towards

The 'Delivering Hope' Project

Having seen the difference the school has made to the children of Jarjari, UK Midwives Jaye & Charlie have set out to improve maternity care in the region. Through training and the supply of medical equipment, they hope to raise the standards of care for mothers and babies to reduce ...

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The Jarjari Village School Project

With help from our wonderful volunteers, the Jarjari Village School was built in 2011 and now educates over 400 children from Jarjari and the surrounding villages. We have high hopes for the children going through the school currently, they now have the best prospects of any generation in their region ...

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Morgan Kunda Lodges

The staff here at Morgan Kunda Lodges are proud to welcome holiday makers to our exclusive accommodation set in Jarjari Village, deep in the heart of the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve, North of the river. Our newly-built lodges are staffed by local people providing employment opportunities. Until now it ...

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