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Lindsey Knuckey

Lindsey Knuckey

Tobi's Birthday Beebomb Sale Challenge



  • £70 Target
  • £131 Raised
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Hi! I'm Tobi and I am 10 years old.

I wanted to do something special with my birthday money this year, so I bought 50 bags of Beebombs to sell at my school Christmas fair - I will give half the profits help the school children of Jarjari Village and the other half to my local homeless shelter - Wycombe Homeless Connection.

Beebombs are bags of wildflower seeds that attract and help the bee population - I love the idea that I will be helping the bees as well!

Please wish me luck and if you would like to make a donation to help me raise even more money for the Jarjari Village school children, that would be so great!

Thank you so much for reading my page and super big thanks if you make a donation, however small, Tobi :)